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If you think a vehicle in your area may be abandoned, before contacting your local council, please view our information pack in order to ensure some initial standard checks are made.


A vehicle that is untaxed but does not appear to be abandoned can be reported by contacting your nearest DVLA local office in writing.(you can find the address in the phone book.) This can be done anonymously. For full information on reporting an untaxed vehicle, please click the link below.

Abandoned vehicles are blight to a community. ELV take pride in the fact that one of their prime roles is to assist local councils in collecting and responsibly disposing of any vehicle that has been abandoned.

Local councils are responsible for the removal of abandoned vehicles, whether it be on the public highway or private land. The procedures vary from council to council. Please follow the link to connect you to a Borough applicable to your own location.

Scrap a vehicle

If you have a vehicle yourself, that is no longer in use, please click the button below to visit, fill out the scrap vehicle request form and they will arrange to collect it, normally within 24 hours of contact.

Abandoned Cars can be dangerous

Abandoned vehicles can be dangerous as well as being blight on the landscape. It might well have been used in a crime? It is not always easy to tell if a vehicle has been abandoned.

Do not enter or touch the vehicle. It might contain hazardous waste and could be a fire risk. If it has been used in a crime, the police might want to fingerprint it!

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