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ELV Solutions are contracted to work for a number of London Boroughs and private parking contractors to remove offending vehicles.

We have a fleet that will enable us to remove any class of vehicle, from a coach to a motorcycle, restricted height and garages! All our trucks comply with the latest EVO IV emission regulations. All the trucks are fitted with NAVMAN GPS navigation and vehicle location system, providing the client and us with real time information as to where our vehicles are on deployment.

The package we use comes with a complete management-reporting module that can provide performance data per truck for up to 18 months. Mobile phones are included as part of this package allow us to know exactly where our trucks are, and in constant communication if they are needed.

For vehicles that cannot be lifted or dragged, the Company have a number of jacks and trolleys to manhandle vehicles into position for recovery. With the combined mechanical handling equipment at the disposal of ELV, there has never been an instance where a vehicle has not been removed.

We follow strict guidelines and do not remove a vehicle unless it has been authorised by an agent of those authorities. If you think that your vehicle has been removed or stolen, you can ring an organisation called TRACE. They provide an online service to check if your car has been towed.

You can also text “TRACE” followed by your Vehicle Registration Mark to 66663*

Alternatively, contact TRACE Customer Services Helpdesk if you cannot access the service online on our Freephone telephone number 0300 077 0100. Please note: Calling to locate your vehicle will take longer. Removed vehicles are taken to a pound.

Here are some examples of when a vehicle can be removed.

  • Parked in a position causing danger or a serious health and safety obstruction/hazard to other road users or pedestrians.
  • Parked in a formal disabled bay.
  • Parked in a suspended bay.
  • In an operational bus lane or at a bus stop.
  • Being a persistent evader (if you have 3 or more outstanding penalty charge notices.
  • Parked obstructing a dropped footway.
  • Contravening a loading ban.
  • Parked in a bay reserved for specific users e.g. doctors, police etc.
  • Parked on school keep clear markings.
  • Footway parking

We have fully trained roadside technicians who can attend a stranded truck. It is our aim to get the casualty back on the road swiftly as we understand the time scales truck and van operators work to.

Our fleet incorporates specialist heavy recovery units to enable a lift and tow of a casualty or winching and lifting if and when required.

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